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01 / About us
Based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Dot is a design solution company that offer solutions in different areas of design. Through our diverse growing team and the inspiring company culture which focus on progressive development, creativity, and sprint learning. With the help of different designing methods and talented expertise, we aim to develop innovative solutions for our clients
At dot events, we build social, cultural projects, and events in a way that is unique, different, and impactful. Our touch is made through the diverse creative team we have who have an expertise in wide range of art and design concepts. Moreover, our capability to design the project and implement it with the top standards of project management. We constantly innovate to bring out better solutions for our clients. At dot it’s always about beauty in creation.

To be a game changer when it comes to impact driven projects and events. Our aim is to change the way people interact with events

To develop a creative culture in social & cultural projects. Our aim is to make an impact on the society through the understanding of people’s preferences and needs. We shall lead the change toward a better customer experience.
02 / Services

Setting up location and team


Planning supporting services and programs  

Arranging and composing events

Coordinating registration, visitors and payment

Initiating projects, budgets and schedules

Marketing and public relations 

Electronic designs 


 Desigining publications   

Inscribing events reports  

Establishing interactive software and integrate technology

03 / Projects
05 / Contact us

8008 الفضل، Al Aqrabiyah, Al Khobar 34445 3904
Phone: 0531200832
Working hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 9:00 – 18:00
Friday-Saturday: Closed